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T-Mobile Confirms Android 1.5 Cupcake Update For May And Hints At Next Android Phone


T-Mobile UK today issued a press release confirming that Android 1.5, a.k.a. Cupcake, will be coming to Google G1 users in May. This comes as the company confirms that it's set to reach 100 000 G1 units sold in the UK in just six months since launch. For those of you who haven't already read up on Android 1.5, here'a list of new features according to T-Mobile:

  • New touch-screen keypad
  • Full video record and playback in MPEG-4 & 3GP formats
  • Direct uploading of video to YouTube
  • Copy and paste within browser
  • View Google Talk friends' status in Contacts, SMS, MMS, Google Mail, and Email applications
  • Animated window transitions
  • Accelerometer based application rotations
  • Faster camera start-up and image capturing
  • Direct upload of photo to Picasa
  • Faster acquisition of GPS location
  • More home screen widgets
  • Stereo Bluetooth support of both A2DP & AVCRP profiles plus auto-pairing
  • Faster browser with updated Webkit & Javascript engine
  • In-page search function
  • User interface refinements to key tools including Google Mail, Email, Browser, SMS & MMS, Contacts, call logs and favourites, Camera & gallery, Calendar, Applications management

More good news came in the form of T-Mobile's commitment to launch another Android phone later this year although there’s no word on exactly when or who the manufacturer will be.

Source: T-Mobile

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Samsung Reveals Android Phone Roadmap


At last, some decent Android-related news out of CTIA 2009. It seems that Samsung's plans are progressing nicely and although they had nothing to show at the event, it looks like we can expect their first handset to be released in Europe this June. Could that be the one Orange was referring to as coming shortly after the HTC Hero?

According to Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, executive vice president of global product strategy in the company's mobile communication division, Samsung plans to release several Android devices this year. In addition to the European phone, the company will roll out another two devices in the US, most likely with T-Mobile and Sprint.

Just as interesting as the news of new phones were comments regarding why Samsung has been relatively slow to market their Android phones. It seems that this had less to do with Samsung and more to do with operators who, although keen on Android, are less enthusiastic about the operating system's close association with Google. As a result, Samsung has made a clear distinction between Android phones and 'Google Experience' phones, and chosen the former. What this means in real terms is that although still running Android, Samsung's phones may look and operate differently to what we've become accustomed to with the G1 and Magic.

Source: Forbes

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Huawei Android Phone Still On Track For T-Mobile Release This Summer?


T-Mobile really seems to be cornering the Android phone news at the moment what with the success of the G1, the possibility of the launch of the HTC Magic in the US and now further confirmation of a possible Huawei handset launch in Q3.

The Huawei Android phone was first spotted at this year's Mobile World Congress last month and word was that a deal had been signed with T-Mobile to launch it in Q3 2009. We haven't heard much since then but according to TmoNews, a trusted source has confirmed that a phone is currently being tested and that T-Mobile is on track for a Q3 release.

Whether the phone in question is the same sleek black number that was revealed at MWC is unknown at this time but TmoNews is hoping to reveal more details in the coming weeks.

Source: TmoNews

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HTC Magic One Step Closer On T-Mobile USA


Speculation about the release of a second Android phone by T-Mobile USA began a few weeks ago when Amazon started to advertise the G1 at just $97.99 on new contracts. The thinking was that T-Mobile was trying to shift stocks of the G1 to make room for their next phone.

Now it seems that speculation may have been correct as a T-Mobile branded 3G HTC Magic has been spotted on FCC lists for US release. Of course this doesn't 100% confirm the phone's US release but it does make for a potentially interesting race between T-Mobile USA and Vodafone USA (Verizon Wireless) when you consider that Vodafone has the Magic scheduled for release in Europe this April (although I wouldn’t hold by breath for that release date ;-).

So does T-Mobile have a surprise in store for US subscribers and who's going to be next to officially release the world's second Android Phone? Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Cell Phone Signal

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T-Mobile UK: Where's My Account App?


I have more than one phone linked to my T-Mobile UK account so I tend to keep an eye on my call time usage. This means logging in to my T-Mobile online account – when I actually remember. That's why, when last week I read about the new T-Mobile My Account App via Android and Me, I was quite keen to download a copy.

This weekend I finally got around to searching the Android Market for the App and after much frustration (I'll get to that) I couldn't find it. After some more browsing online it turns out that the app is currently only available in the US – bummer! On the one hand I can understand that it's not so easy for T-Mobile to use the exact same app across countries – the call packages are so different – but I can't help feeling slightly left out. Come on T-Mobile UK, by all accounts it's a really useful application. When can us UK subscribers get a copy?

Back to the subject of searching for apps on Android Market. I think we all know how frustrating that can be and this has prompted a lot of discussion online and a fair few suggestions (Check out 7 Steps to Fix The Android Market). Fortunately it seems our cries have not gone unnoticed and, according to this thread on Google Groups, there's definitely a roadmap for improvement but no timeline as yet. At least there's some promise for the future.

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T-Mobile US Pours Called Water On UK Cupcake Rumours

Earlier this week, thanks to a post by Pocket-lint, there was a new spate of rumours that the infamous cupcake update was going to be released in the UK next month. I made a point of staying quiet on this because a) we've heard it all before and been disappointed and b) it just doesn't make sense. Now it seems my initial thoughts may have been correct.

Google has already stated that cupcake itself would be a major update, something beyond v1.0 and not released as an RC update to the current version. Surely it stands to reason that before launching any major new version publicly, there would be an official non-beta SDK release for developers? As we haven’t seen that yet, a full release of cupcake seems unlikely. What's more likely at this stage is that we could see some cupcake functionality back-ported into the current version via an RC update but even that seems to be in doubt following a report by BetaNews. According to T-Mobile USA’s Erica Gordon, an April release date for a Cupcake update is "just a rumor."

Of course this could just point to a lack of communication between T-Mobile USA and UK but right now I'm less inclined to believe that, so until I see an official public statement from T-Mobile to say otherwise, there is no cupcake update next month.

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Paid Android Apps Available In The UK From Tomorrow


It looks like the wait is finally over for UK G1 owners as T-Mobile confirms that paid apps will be available in the UK from tomorrow, March 12th. This news comes straight from a live blog post on Pocket Gamer this morning, reporting from a T-Mobile Android event in London.

While the bombshell was obviously paid apps, Richard Warmsley, T-Mobile UK's Head of Internet and Entertainment, also revealed a few other tasty titbits. He confirmed once again that the G1 currently accounts for 20% of T-Mobile sales but went on to say that it's now reaching 70% of iPhone sales in the UK. He also went on to reveal some interesting G1 user demographics as well as some of the current top Android apps including The Weather Channel, MySpace Mobile, ShopSavvy, Daily Horoscope, Free Dictionary, RingDroid, BarScanner, SaveMMS and CompareEverywhere.

The overall impression is that T-Mobile is incredibly enthusiastic about the future of Android and will be ramping things up by Q4 2009 with not just more Android phones but also possibly Android tablets and Ultra-Mobile PCs in future. It looks like we have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Via: Pocket Gamer

Google G1 Is A Hit For T-Mobile


According to a recent post on UK's Mobile Today, T-Mobile is crediting the Google G1 as part of the reason why they incurred minimal losses in 2008. The G1, launched in October last year turned out to be the operator's top selling launch and now accounts for 20% of all contract sales. I think 20% is pretty good when you consider that the G1 is up against phones like the popular Nokia N96 and the Samsung Tocco, both of which are also available free on similarly priced plans, and this kind of uptake can only help to encourage further Android rollouts this year.

No doubt Vodafone is keeping a close eye on the G1's sales, hoping to emulate T-Mobile's success when the HTC Magic is released in April. Now I guess we just have to wait and see if/when Orange and O2 follow suit in the UK. If a post on Basic Thinking is anything to go by, O2 is the next operator to keep an eye on. According to the post, an O2 product manager at O2 Innovation Days 2009 in Munich was quoted as saying, "we want to get out 6 to 8 Android devices this year." If that is the case we really are going to be spoilt for choice.

Via: MobileToday | Basic Thinking

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T-Mobile To Ship Huawei Android Phones Later This Year

There's nothing like a bit of competition to get things moving and it seems like there is a bit of a battle going on between T-Mobile and Vodafone to bring Android phones to market. T-Mobile was obviously the first mover with the G1. Then at last weeks Mobile World Congress Vodafone announced their partnership with HTC to release the HTC Magic in Europe this April.

Now, according to Digitimes, T-Mobile has inked a deal with Huawei to ship their Android-powered smartphones by Q3 this year. Huawei's showing at MWC was a bit of a let down this year. That said, the Android mockup that they did have on display was extremely sleek and sexy. Assuming this is the handset that ships and it has the specifications to match, the Huawei may just be the next top Android phone. For now it's T-Mobile 2 - Vodafone 1.

Huawei Mockup

Via: Digitimes | Image: CNET

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T-Mobile Confirms More Android Phones For 2009

In an interview with FierceWireless, T-Mobile's Neville Ray (senior vice president of engineering and operations) has confirmed that the operator will be launching more G series phones this year. T-Mobile is really making a big push with 3G and has it's sights firmly set on with Verizon and AT&T. Based on the succesful rollout of the G1 together with T-Mobile's focus on consumer devices it looks like US consumers are going to be spoilt for choice in 2009.

Via: FierceWireless

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