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Latest Net Applications Figures Show Android's Increasing Market Share

Net Applications have released their February mobile browsing figures which show Android as having gained another 1.24% browser share. Now the title of this post may have hooked you but let's face reality here. Internet statistics like these provide, at best, indications of trends. There are just far too many variables involved to be able to provide conclusive evidence of anything, especially after just two months.

January 2009
February 2009

So while Android's increase is great, I'm not going to read too much into the specific numbers just yet. I'm just happy to see that Android is making a good showing. Not bad for a OS that only went live in October, on a single handset. Now I can hear Apple-lovers everywhere going "but the iPhone is also just one phone" but actually it's not. You've got the original iPhone, the 3G iPhone and, unless I'm mistaken, the iPod Touch and the rest of the business iphone units all being counted as the same browser so how much browser share does the iPhone really have?

Personally I'm not interested in the iPhone. I will however be keeping an eye on these stats and in a few months time, the inaccuracies of Internet statistics aside, there will be no denying Android's rapid growth in the market. Here's hoping that I won't have to eat my own words.

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Clarification On Previous Post Regarding Android Cupcake

It seems that in my enthusiasm I fell victim to the confusion between Android's possible future Cupcake release and the most recent OTA v1.0 RC update. What originally got me excited was an update on Mark Hewitt's Google G1 hub where he mentioned that an OTA update was due in the UK very shortly.

On his hub he makes reference to both Cupcake and the RC update and I thought that he meant that Cupcake was due in the UK soon. That was NOT the case so apologies for the confusion. Mark has since updated his hub to clarify this.

For further clarification on Cupcake it's well worth reading Ed Burnette's post, Android's Cupcake indigestion, which provides some insight into the rumours and speculation which gave rise to this confusion in the first place.

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Android Cupcake Update Due In The UK "Very Shortly"

Google G1 fan, Mark Hewitt, has recently updated his useful Hitchhiker's Guide to the G1 Google Phone hub and has some news on Google's Cupcake update. As many of you will know, the over-the-air update has already been made available in the US but UK users are still waiting. Mark has been in touch with the Google Press Office and been told that the update is due "very shortly" in the UK. Fingers crossed then. It will be worth the wait though with two notable improvements being:

  • An onscreen keyboard - pretty essential now given that the forthcoming HTC Magic is keyboardless.
  • Reduced battery drain which has been a problem from the beginning.

For more details on Cupcake and for more handy user tips for the Google G1, check out Mark's 4 part guide on hubpages.

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HTC Magic Skin Released For Android Emulator

Well that didn't take long. Vodafone/HTC have only just announced their partnership and the forthcoming release of the HTC Magic and already there's an Android Emulator skin for developers to play with, complete with Vodafone branding - thanks to Tea Vui Huang.

HTC Magic Emulator Skin

There are a number of other skins available including the Nokia N95, Palm Treo Pro and the now infamous Kogan Agora Pro so check them out.

Via: Android Central | Tea Vui Huang

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