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Acer To Release Android Phone In September?


It looks like we'll have to wait until September to see the first Acer smartphone running Android. That's according to a post today on Business Mirror which attributes the claim to an unnamed Acer official. The phone, dubbed the A1, will be a touchscreen handset and is said to be one of four phones (the others presumably Winmo-based) to be debuted that month. Acer spokesperson Henry Wang, declined to comment as did Google Beijing spokesperson, Marsha Wang (a double wanger you could say). I think for the time being we'll leave this one on the rumours pile.

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Acer Android Phone Rumours Continue


We had high hopes that Acer was going to make a big announcement at this year's Mobile World Congress regarding an Android phone. What we got instead was news of a range of Windows Mobile smartphones in the form of the Acer Tempo range - nice looking handsets but not Android. Despite this there was still talk of supposed future "secret models" which may or may not run Android.

Now Electricpig has gotten things fired up again with news that Acer smartphone boss Aymer De Lencquesaing has confirmed two more smartphones for Q4 2009. When pressed on the subject of Acer using other operating systems he admitted that "there is this possibility, yes."

Aaaaargh! What is that supposed to mean? Let's just hope that Acer is paying close attention to HTC's success and comes on board although there's still no sign of them on the Open Handset Alliance member list. Come on Acer, what are you waiting for?

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Android Roundup At Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Conference

It seems that this year's MWC was a bit of a let down as far as Android was concerned with most manufacturers paying lip service but not actually delivering. Here's a quick roundup of who did what.

According to T3, the rumour is that the KS360 will be relaunched using Android this year. Other than that, Marketing Manager Jeremy Newing confirmed that two other Android phones would be released later this year. No other details were available.

Chinese handset maker Huawei Technologies was kind enough to show off a non-working mockup of a phone at it's MWC booth and confirmed that it was planning on releasing Android phones possibly in Q3 this year.

They had already confirmed that they weren't going to demo anything at MWC but in a statement to Reuters, Won-Pyo Hong, head of product strategy, said that the firm would start selling more than three Android phones by the end of the year.

General Mobile
In the runnup to MWC General Mobile had confirmed that they would be launching their dual-SIM DSTL1 at the show. As it turns out, they were one of the few manufacturers to deliver. Check out the hands-on video on engadget.

At the end of last month there was speculation that Acer would be getting in on the Android act when they started to distribute invites to their 'smartphones launch' at MWC. Unfortunately this all proved to be unfounded although when engadget pressed an Acer rep for information he did make reference to two mysterious "Android secret models".

Of course the prize has to go to HTC who, together with Vodafone, revealed their next handset, the HTC Magic.

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Is Acer Next To Join The Open Handset Alliance?

Could Acer be the next manufacturer to join the Open Hanset Alliance? This comes in the wake of news that Acer is to reveal a smartphone at this year's Mobile World Congress. It seems Pocket-lint were fortunate enough to receive an invite which in itself doesn't give away much but does include the text 'smartphones launch'.

Acer Invite

Up until this point, Acer and Microsoft have been best of friends so assuming Windows Mobile as an OS would have been a safe bet but given the growing popularity of Android, could it be possible that Acer could finally be coming onboard. I guess we'll have to wait until next month to find out.

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